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Notices to Unit Owners


2023 Annual Meeting Notice and Package 2022‑11‑16 (4 pages mailed, plus proxy envelope, plus meeting time mailed separately)


Notice of Special Meeting on March 23, 2023, with a proposal to change the By-Laws to prevent the leasing of Units


2022 Annual Meeting Notice and Package 2022‑11‑14 (8 pages mailed, plus proxy envelope)



2022 Monthly HOA Fee is $206 per month


2021 Annual Meeting Notice and Package 2021‑11‑18 (6 pages mailed, plus proxy envelope)



2020 Voting Instructions, Presidentís Message, and Proposed Budget (3 pages plus ballot, plus proxy envelope, plus return envelope, mailed 2020-11-13)


2020 Annual Meeting Notice and Package 2020‑12‑01 (32 pages mailed 2020‑10‑13)


Summary of Feedback on Potential Changes to By‑Laws 2020‑08‑21 (7 pages posted)


Potential Changes to By‑Laws Letter to Unit Owners 2020‑07 (59 pages delivered)


Driveway Reseal Notice for 33 Driveways in the Southern End 2020‑07 (2 pages mailed)



HOA Assessments and Budget for 2020 2019‑11‑12 (2 pages mailed)


2019 Annual Meeting Notice and Package 2019‑11‑07 (10 pages mailed)


2019 Annual (Financial) Statement and Related Documents 2019‑05‑15 (24 pages mailed)