Pro Life Mass

January 22, 2022
Saint Gregory the Great Church in Williamsville, NY

Worthy Brother Knights of Columbus,

This past Saturday, January 22nd, 2022, the Knights Color Corps made their presence during a Pro Life Mass at Saint Gregory the Great Church in Williamsville, NY. The Celebrant was Bishop Michael Fisher assisted by Rev Sean Paul Fleming, Pastor Rector, Saint Joseph Cathedral, Rev. Leon Biernat, Pastor Saint Gregory the Great Church, Parochial Vicars, Rev. Msgr. Thomas Maloney, Rev. Daniel Ulmer, Rev. Moses Ikuelogbon, Deacons Greg Gaulin, Michael Bochiechio, and Paul Walker. A full house turnout with many of those there being young people and the readings done by a young man and woman of school age was testimony to the theme of this Mass, the putting an end to Roe VS Wade.

There were 15 Knights of Columbus Color Corps there and a listing of names according to their position in the picture is listed below from the top row down and from left to right: Vern Anderson, Gordon Tross, Phillip Kauppinen, Stanley Wawrzyniak, John Brach, 2nd row from the top, Joseph Hejna, Angelo DelBalso, Gerry O'Sullivan, 3rd row from the top, Jeffery Halstead, James Handley, Joseph Fotia, Gregory Pope, 4th Row from the top, Robert Rob Raczka , Michael Pierce, Paul A. Sawaya.

Once again the Knights of Columbus Color Corps by their presence represented the 2 million members of our Pro Life Organization that stands for the Right To Life from the moment of conception to the end of one's natural life. Remember to PRAY THE ROSARY. May we always be the voice of those who cry out from the womb. 62 million baby's, PERSONS, denied the Right to life and there is silence everywhere. It gets darker everyday as long as this evil practice of abortion is allowed to continue and as the Bible teaches us, We will reap what we sow!

VIVAT JESU... SEMPER... Paul A. Sawaya, CCRN, District Marshal 4th District of New York, Buffalo Region, Saint Issac Jogues Province.